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The festive marathon “Spring from children’s soul” is in full progress. On the third day after Easter, a group of children from the Creative Social Center “St. Filaret the Merciful”, Costesti village, Ialoveni district, received a special gift – an excursion to experience the atmosphere of ancestral traditions. Iuliana Grigorita shared her impressions with us:

“Everything started with a beautiful spring day. The sun was shining on the sky while the clouds were hanging like some precious adornments next to it. The Public Association Filocalia decided to show us something different from the familiar Internet, computer or TV. We were going to enjoy one of the nicest excursions. First we visited Mr. Vasile Goncear, one of the most known potter from Moldova.” After we enjoyed the “tales” about clay, water, fire and of course, as Mr. Vasile mentioned it, hard work and patience, we visited the museum “Parental home” from Palanca village. We were hosted by a very nice lady who made every effort to receive us as best as she could. She told us about the traditions of our ancestors, with her melodious, soft and frail voice. These proved to be powerful sensations. I had the honor to find out more about the past of my grandparents, in a place that fills you with love. On the way home, I was admiring the landscapes of our country and was thinking: “How beautiful is our Moldova!!!”. And indeed this is true! Moldova is our beloved country where we spent our childhood, as our parents and grandparents did. We have to follow Mrs. Tatiana’s Popa example (the owner of the house and the guide at the museum) and try to preserve the Romanian traditions that cannot be compared to anything else in the entire world. I will never forget this day full of Moldovan traditions.

P.S. We thank Mrs. Larisa, who organized this excursion and made sure we had everything we needed