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On May 10, in the downtown of Chisinau a new small European Village was born, with tents representing different European countries, their various traditional foods and drinks along with other interactive activities being organized.

The team of the Program „Support to Confidence Building Measures” had as well a tent in the European Village.  AO Filocalia is implementing currently a project with the assistance of the Programme „Support to Confidence Building Measures”, funded by the European Union, co-funded and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme. As a result our volunteers also attended the event.

They were promoters of trust in a very creative way: they painted on the children’s faces symbols of European Union, offered the visitors a master-class on crafting post cards on transparent film and drew their porters. A special moment was the creation of a leatherwork under the careful supervision of our teacher Lidia Pruteanu. The piece represented the logo of the program „Support to Trust Building Measures”. Despite the rainy day, the tent had a lot of visitors and our dedicated volunteers had no time to rest.

On May 17, it was Comrat’s turn to host the European Village. And on the same day, the volunteers AO Filocalia were present at the event. Children from the South of the country enjoyed to be painted on their faces, to learn how to work on stained glass and make various post cards.

The participation at Europe Day was a new experience for Filocalia, which brought a lot of joy to hundreds of children. We hope that in the future we can continue to promote trust through education as part of similar events.