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During the months of March, April and May the volunteers AO Filocalia regularly visited the children from the Resource Center of Cosnita village, Dubasari district. The goal of these visits was a noble one: cultivate among the children the love for reading. Most of the 16 beneficiaries were students in the second grade, who had difficulties reading. And because of an unfavorable situation in their families, there was nobody to dedicate additional time to assist these children.

Our volunteers did their best to convince the children, in the most original and friendly way possible, to spend more time with the book in their hands.

At the end of the program, we kept our promise and took the hardworking little readers to see a theater play in Chisinau. On Sunday, May 25, the children saw the play „The Old Man’s Daughter and The Old Woman’s Daughter” at Luceafarul Theater. The actors’ beautiful costumesand decorations were accompanied by special melodies. The children learned an important lesson by means of the songs from the play: „Even when others harm you, even if you encounter difficulties, remember as long as you live – if you do good, you receive good.”

After the children went to theater for the first time in their lives, we all went to McDonald’s for the little readers to have a meal. Just like their peers, the children were facinated by the food, ballons and the festive atmosphere.

The visit to the capital Chisinau ended with the pleasure of icecream and a walk through the Cathedral Park.

We promised the children that in the fall, when they get back from summer holidays, we will visit them again, so that they can tell us about what they read during the summer.