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AO Filocalia is very proud of its volunteers, who are its main force in everything. They dedicate time, energy and offer their abilities to bring smiles to childrens’ faces, being rewarded with just the joy in the eyes of people in need.

By getting involved in various projects and activities, working in teams or by themselves, facing difficult situations and problems, the volunteers learn new abilities, knowledge, attitudes and new competences.

Filocalia family of volunteers is a big one, each of them being actively involved in events and campaigns. During the Festive Marathon „Spring from Children’s Soul” they demonstrated once again their hardwork and dedication, bringing a lot of joy to our little beneficiaries. Thanks to their efforts, various excursions, celebrations and visits to the theater were organized.  The children from Cosnita village, Dubasari county for example were helped to discover the love for reading, while the children from the temporary placement center  „Epitro” from Calarasi benefited from Easter master classes. Last but not least, great trips were organized to „Parental Home” in Palanca village, to the „Frumoasa Monastary” and „Potter Home” in Hoginesti village, where the chidlren discovered the misteries of working with pottery and ceramics. The dedicated volunteers prepared meals for the chidlren and took care of them all along.

To close the Festive Marathon in a special way, we decided to bring the children in a world of fairy tales, full of joy and sunshine. On June 1, together with our volunteers, we created an event, named „Children in the world of fairy tales” where only the good mood and fun atmosphere were present. A multitude of games and presents facinated the children. The disguised volunteers created an atmosphere of magic, so that the chidlren felt like in a world of fairy tales. There were also funny moments, where a fragment from a fairy tale had to be staged by the children,  2-3 costumes and cahracters made and the drawing of the tale’s ending from their perspective, the children being guided and helped by the volunteers.  The chidlren were left with unforgetable feelings and memories and a unique experience.