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“Whence come I? I come from my childhood, I come from childhood as from a homeland.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

On June 1, around 180 children. Filocalia’s beneficiaries, took part at the “Children in Fairy Tales World”, which took lace at the Touristic Center of Costesti, Ialoveni. They travelled for a whole day in a world of magic, full of mistery and joy, new friends, games and presents. It was a beautiful day with lots of children with bright faces, sad souls, but smiling.

„It is natural for the day of the 1st of June to be most anticipated by all children, since ofcourse it is their day.  On this day parents can also forget about their worries and routine, let their children and their emotions run free, a day when they can remeber back to when they expereinced those  childhood feelings of freedom and joy for the simple things.

We enjoyed these exact feelings on children’s day this year in Costesti village, where together with the volunteers of AO Filocalia, we joined 180 children.  I would like very much to be able to describe as much as possible the whole special and pleasant atmosphere of that day, since it was a day when we all felt like being children, regardless of age. Of course the extraordinary ambiance and positive energy was created by the event protagonists  – the children, who share their smiles unconditionally, a thing we often forget to do. Quite possibly these very smiles warded off the misty clouds and beckoned the sun to shine down. But how can one not feel pleasantly emotional when more than 100 children, are having fun in a such a joyful, bright way, so freely and naturally.

This year, at the celebration, we had new guests. 16 children from Speia village, Grigoriopol region. Their presence at the celebration was due to the project “Developing artistic and professional skills in children from socially vulnerable families from Speia village, Grigoriopol region, based on the experience of PO “Filocalia” on the right border of Nistru river” implemented in partnership with PO “Надежда и будущее” with the assistance of the EU-UNDP Program “Support to Confidence Building Measures” having as a main goal the promotion of trust among children and young people from both banks of Nistru river.
Children knew each other from the previous events organized in the frames of the same project, but on the 1st of June they had the occasion to learn about trust in a very natural way – through games.

The children proved they are the most energetic and active among all of us – they disguised in their favorite fairy tale characters, told those storiesn and even creatively changed the unhappy endings into happy ones, and later even masterfully draw the stories on a page. Enthusiastic and full of strengh, they participated showing their talents at artistic contests, where everybody was brave and all were winners. Last but not least, they danced and played with energy and we, the volunteers, joined them, catching their energy and positive emotions.

Numerous activities and interesting games took place, and at the same time, the seemingly long day ended, and the moment when the little ones had to leave arrived, the moment when one could see the joy in their eyes and the smiles shining on their faces, the moment when the feelings of a fulfilled day were floating in the air.

Pleasantly tired, we the volunteers,  were left with the thought that next year we would have as much fun with the children, while realizing, like everybody else, that we are still children, and will not ever lose this lively feeling from our souls”.

June 1, 2014

Peribicovschi Cristina, Volunteer AO Filocalia