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Despite the fact that Friday  the 13th is considered to be unlucky, I was pleasantly surprised by a phone call from a young volunteer AO Filocalia, an organization that I was fortunate to join in 2011, but due to lack of time have not visited in a long time.  I was invited to participate in a campaign providing material aid to the poorest families of Sangera village area.

With Ms. Larisa assistance, who was our guide, we managed to visit all the families in need. Seven families received packages with groceries, personal hygiene items, sweets and toys for children. All these families live in extreme poverty and are experiencing hardships.

Among the neighboring castles with 1,5 – 2 levels, the houses of these poor families look like homes coming from the times of my grandmother youth – smaller than the storage rooms or summer kitchens of the rest of houses in the village. Built of clay, with transparent plastic covering the windows, the little houses have minimum amount of furniture and empty floors. The dogs guarding these little houses are skinny and miserable, without the strength to bark, and no one visits here much.

The rare happy moments for these people are made of visits like ours on Saturday 14.06.2014, when somebody is coming to bring in their homes material and spiritual joy. The excitement in the children’s’ eyes, on moments like that more than rewards any efforts.

With our minds at peace we returned to Chisinau, but the volunteers’ experience that day did not end with the trip to Sangera. That day was special for another reason as well – it was The International Blood Donation Day. It had been 3 years since I wanted to become a donor, at least once a year, and only this year I managed to do it. 370ml of RH0 blood will go to a girl named Ludmila, who in less than a month will give birth to a baby girl. I expected it to hurt, or to leave any visible marks on my body like bruises, but it was not like that at all. Probably the thought that my deed was for a noble cause for a future mother, made me not feel anything except pleasure and warmth in my soul. I was also surprised when I got ice cream from the representatives of the Transfusion Center. I am glad my plans for Saturday did not happen because of a mere phone call inviting me to volunteer. I managed to do things much more important that shopping or barbequing on my free day. Thank you AO Filocalia for remembering undisciplined volunteers like myself and for inviting me to such events.

TATIANA BEJAN, volunteer AO Filocalia