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The festive marathon “Spring from children’s soul”, which was launched on April 11 and included 480 beneficiaries from 10 locations of Moldova, reached its conclusion. On Thursday, June 19, our team arrived to the final destination of the campaign – Zgurita village, Drochia County, where we brought groceries and toys, bringing joy to 34 children from 14 families in need.

During the period April 11 -19 we brought a lot of joy to our little beneficiaries through master-classes, celebrations, excursions and visits to the theater, finishing the marathon by distributing humanitarian aids to 60 families across 6 locations of the country. You can read below in more details about all the interesting activities that were enjoyed by our beneficiaries.

The children from Resource Center of Theoretic Lyceum of Costesti were the ones to start the marathon, participating in a Easter master-class on April 11. Also on April 11, the children’s’ works from the art workshops patronized by AO Filocalia were exhibited in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, at the Basarabia Festival. People form Cluj admired the small masterpieces till April 13.

The next stop of our marathon was The Easter Fair – the fair of Easter gifts at Moldexpo which took place between April 16-19th . The little visitors enjoy 4 master-classes – one every day of the fair. Besides the creation of Easter decorations, greeting cards or gift bags,  on April 18, the visitors could listen to a recital of Easter songs, performed by the church quire “Angels” of Costesti village, Ialoveni County.  The older colleagues, the quire “Anastasyos”, on April 23 participated at the Regional Easter Festival in Ialoveni town.

Another exhibition, where the Works of children could be admired and purchased, was the exhibition of handmade works at House of Government of Moldova, where handmade Works created by the children and young people with disabilities were exhibited. The exhibition was organized by the Alliance of Organizations for Persons with Disabilities of Republic of Moldova (AOPD), in partnership with The Government of Republic of Moldova, on April 24.

The excursions planned for the marathon brought a lot of sunshine in the souls of our beneficiaries. On April 22, the first 45 children from the Social Center “St. Filaret the Merciful”, went to Hoginesti, to visit the artisan Vasile Goncear, to learn the mysteries of work with pottery and ceramics, and visited the Parental House in Palanca village, Calarasi County. Another 20 of their colleagues from the Center, together with 45 children from Speia village, Grigoriopol County, enjoyed the same interesting experience on May 1. The Frumoasa Monastery was the touristic destination visited in May by the rest 45 children from the Social Center “St. Filaret the Merciful”.

On April 30 in Speia village, Grigoriopol County, the festive opening of 3 new workshops took place – sewing workshop, wood carving workshop and decorative art workshop. And 25 children from primary school of Cosnita village, Dubasari County, watched the show Cinderalla at Luceafarul theater.

May 22 was a special day for AO Filocalia, since it was the saint name day of Costesti village, Ialoveni District. On that day, the people from the village came to church not just to attend the divine service but also to admire the children’s’ works from the Social Center „St. Filaret the Merciful”.

And because we wanted to bring Spring to the souls of all children, on April 17 we went with presents and a master-class to the minor prisoners of Goian Penitentiary nr.10.

And on International children’s day, June 1,  a big celebration was organized at the Costesti lake , Ialoveni County. More than 180 children from Calarasi, Speia, Costesti and Chisinau celebrated childhood with games, songs, dance and master-classes.

The festive Marathon ended with the charitable campaign “A destiny colored by you”, where we distributed packages with groceries and hygiene products to 60 families from 6 locations of our country.

In this way, with the help of our dedicated volunteers and donors, we successfully finished our Spring campaign, which included 480 beneficiaries across 10 locations of Moldova.