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An extraordinary exhibition ended our Summer Camp “Education through creativity” for children from unprivileged families coming from both sides of the Nistru River.  The exhibition reflected the very good results achieved by all participants at the Camp – the children, the volunteers and teachers, who all demonstrated great creativity, enthusiasm and dedication. For many of these children this event was the first time they had the opportunity to go for holidays outside of their home town or village.

The program of the Camp, despite being an intensive one, included a variety of activities that brought a lot of joy and positive emotions for everybody, and through which all participants learned new things and made new friends. Maria Rebeja, one of the participants shared her impressions: “I was impressed by the activities here, because I learned how to paint on glass and how to embroider with ribbon. I got to know 3 countries: Spain, Germany and Poland. I learned a few new words in English which will help me in life. I liked the volunteers who were always ready to help us.”

The international team of volunteers played a special role in implementing the project, providing unforgettable experiences for the children. Young volunteers from Moldova, Poland, Spain, Germany and Bolivia, dedicated their time during 8 full days, organizing and coordinating at the highest-level activities and events like educational games, creativity classes, dances, Miss Camp, and an impressive carnival. The volunteer Alexei Ursachi told us:  ”I am impressed and grateful for the organization of this Camp for three reasons: 1. I had the opportunity to participate in the organization of certain events 2. The extraordinary experience working with children 3. Among other things, I managed to have fun, to receive the dose of smiles for the whole summer and maybe even for the next academic year.  I am glad I had the opportunity to meet new people, new talents and characters.” The volunteers managed to create a productive atmosphere, one of socialization and relaxation, encouraging the children to be creative, to communicate with their peers, and to gain self-confidence. On the last evening, tens of lampions were released into the sky – a unique image that surely will remain in the memories of those present.

The IVth edition of AO Filocalia educational project Summer Camp “Education through creativity” successfully ended demonstrating one more time that By giving from the heart we make the world a better place. AO Filocalia expresses sincere thanks to the donors, teachers and volunteers who made this project possible.