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On Sunday, the 24 of August in Speia village, Grigoreopol region there are music and applauses at the Ceremony House. This was due to the first Campaign „Help the bell to ring for every child” developed by PA „AO Filocalia” on the left bank of Nistru River.

From 2013 PA „AO Filocalia” and PA „Надежда и будущее” from Speia village, with the financial assistance of the European Union and UNDP within the Program “Support to Confidence Building Measures”, are collaborating within the project „Trust through education”. This is why this year it was decided to also include Speia village into the Campaign „Help the bell to ring for every child”.

The children beneficiaries of the project and the team of volunteers from Speia with the support of volunteers from “Filocalia” have organized all in advance: they have prepared posters, invitations, boxes for donations, the participation of many local artists and great costumes of well-known fairy tale personages. To get a better picture of the event held during the campaign, 4 young volunteers from Speia were invited to attend the similar activity organized in the Public Garden “Stefan cel Mare” from Chisinau the 17 of August.

At the event the beneficiaries of the 3 workshops from the village proved to everyone the result of their occupations practiced 2 times per week: wood carving, sewing and creation of decorative objects. People from the village had even the opportunity to buy small souvenirs.

We, from Filocalia, we did not go empty-handed at this event. Since the purpose of the campaign was to help as many children from socially vulnerable families to go to school, we have prepared one backpack filled with all the school supplies needed for 5 children from Speia village who will go this year to school for the first time.

The joy of children present at the event was indescribable when they saw the volunteers of PO “Filocalia” doing creative face-painting and turning into favorite cartoon characters. And thanks to a generous sponsor from the village, all those present had freeice-cream.

It was happiness for PO “Filocalia” that “Help the bell to ring for every child” had strengthened the friendship and trust between people on the two banks of Nistru River. The event was a success and by the end of the day in the donation boxes were gathered about 2000 rubles. In addition, people have donated school supplies and clothing. In the near future Speia volunteers will prepare backpacks and clothing to distribute to children from socially vulnerable families from their locality.