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Between the 1st of August and the  6 of September 2014, the Association “FILOCALIA” held a school supplies collecting campaign “Help the school bell to ring for every child,” which is another step in preventing school dropout and educational and social reintegration of children.

We have planned to help 250 children from disadvantaged families from Chisinau and many rural areas of the country, but succeeded the schooling of 347 pupils. This year’s beneficiaries were 20 children from Calarasi, 80 children from Harbovat boarding school, Calarasi region, 40 children from Comrat, 3 children from Taraclia, 18 – from Draguseni village, Straseni region, 15 children from Cosnita village, Dubasari region, 30 children from Speia village, Grigoriopol region, 27 – from Grozesti, Nisporeni, 34 children from Costesti village, Ialoveni region,  32 beneficiaries from Cotiujenii Mari village, Soldanesti region, and 48 children from Chisinau.

We never could have imagined the success of the campaign without the full involvement and dedication of the team of volunteers of “Filocalia” who have offered their time for helping disadvantaged children. In total, the project involved 35 volunteers who contributed to the collection of aids. Particularly active were Ersov Corina, Natalia and Catherine Luce, Cristina Moloman, Valeria Mironov, Lidia Bivol, Alina Borta and many other volunteers of the association, who have shared with their colleagues and friends the campaign information, bringing more support.

On August 17, PO „Filocalia”, in cooperation with the Office for Relations with Diaspora staged an entertainment event in the Park “Stefan cel Mare”. The event aimed to collect donations in cash and school supplies for 250 needy children from Moldova. Despite the rainy weather, with our volunteers and great people who decided to be part of it, we managed to collect funds and school supplies that have helped our young beneficiaries to go to school.

On August 24, 2014, in the main building of  Speia village, Grigoriopol region for the first time the campaign “Help the school bell to ring for every child” was organized on the left bank of Nistru River. It is a great joy for PO “Filocalia” that the campaign has helped to strengthen the friendship and trust between people on the two sides of Nistru. The event was a success and by the end of the day, in the donation boxes, we have managed to gather about 2,000 rubles. In addition, people have donated school supplies and clothing.

On 29 of August, the team of PO “Filocalia” was invited by the Office of the Diaspora Relations, which was installed in the Square o the Theatre of Opera and Ballet “Maria Biesu” and on August 30 we have attended Diaspora’s Festival, which took place at ethno-cultural camp “Vatra”. These events occurred during the Days of Moldovan Diaspora (28-30 August). We were part of a photo exhibition, a sale exhibition of children’s handmade works; face painting, master-classes. In this way we were able to draw community’s attention to the problems of society. As a result, the amount collected was 2600 lei.

Between 20 of August and 6 of September 2014, PO „Filocalia” team along with the most active volunteers, loaded with school supplies for children from socially vulnerable families, made a series of trips to the rural part of Moldova. The first point was Cotiujenii Mari, Soldanesti region. Our volunteers from this village – Alexei and Mihaela Ursachi were waiting for us in front of the local House of Culture. Together we were able to distribute school supplies to 32 needy children.

The next destination was Grozesti, Nisporeni region. Here at the Village Hall gathered the 17 school children who received backpacks and school supplies for the school year 2014-2015. Volunteers were rewarded with flowers fom children’s gardens.

Unforgettable was the trip to Gagauzia. We visited the town Comrat, Chirsovo villages, Congaz, Copceac and Taraclia, where we gave food parcels, school supplies, clothes and toys to 43 children from 12 vulnerable families.

On 6 of September 2014 the Campaign ended by meeting with our good friends from Hirbovat boarding school. 80 children received school supplies, candies and toys collected with the beautiful contributions from Eugen Targon and Marcela Farima couple, Denis Hornet and Marco Kull, a native of Switzerland.

All these achievements were possible because of people with big hearts and thanks to loyal partners of PO „Filocalia”, which contributed to the implementation and success of this campaign:

“St. Dumitru” church from Chisinau, priest Pavel Borsevschi

“St. Nicholae” church from Costesti village, Ialoveni region, priest Vasile Ciobanu

Church of “Jesus Christ’s honor” from Chisinau, priest Octavian Mosin

Chisinau Municipality, Mayor Mr. Chirtoaca

Office for Relations with Diaspora, Mr. Victor Lutenco

Corneliu Calancea

The family of Mr. Ion Sula from Costesti village, Ialoveni region

Xenia Siminciuc

Mariana Cojan, ADVIT Moldova

The team of

EL Radu and his team of interpreters

Eugen Targon and Marcela Farima couple

Mr. Denis Hornet

Cristina Ciobanu and Dumitru Guslo couple

Bogdan Ciobanu and Alina Loboda couple

Marco Kull, Switzerland

Association “FILOCALIA” brings sincere thanks for the significant contribution to supporting children in need. We appreciate these partnerships as major contributions to the charitable activitis for children’s prosperity. We hope to continue this beautiful tradition in future years with the same active involvement of the society.