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PO “Filocalia “’s team experience with international volunteers continues.

Between September 3 and September 26, we had a guest – the international volunteer Ryosuke Tanaka from Tokyo, Japan. In this period the volunteers of “Filocalia” involved him in various exciting activities for children from social Center ,,St. Filaret the Merciful “and Resource Center in Costesti village, Ialoveni region; Center “St. Dumitru” from Chisinau, Center “Epitrop” from Calarasi. Our little beneficiaries were enthusiastic to learn also something in Japanese. Besides being very actively engaged in any activity of the organization, Ryosuke got to know the culture of our country, the occupations of the old times and also saw new interesting places.

At the end of his stay in Moldova, we asked him to answer a few questions. He was very responsive:

-Ryosuke, You’ve volunteered before the visit to Moldova?

- No, this is my first experience. I never thought I’d ever get to be in the role of a volunteer.

- Why did you choose particularly Moldova?

- I was interested in Eastern European culture; therefore I went on Google and have chosen a less developed country because I wanted to combine volunteering with tourism.

- How can you describe the experience in Moldova?

- It was a completely different experience from what I have experienced before. All around me during these 23 days was absolutely new, but very interesting.

- What does it mean for you to be an international volunteer?

- For me, it means first of all to make new friends with any new journey and feel good in the country in which you are so well received; it also means to understand the problems and the situation inside the country.

This brave volunteer left and we are now, as usual, opened to new volunteers from no matter what corner of the world. PO ”Filocalia” welcomes everybody.