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At the beginning of 2015 we remember fondly our achievements from 2014. Certainly one of the most important was the implementation in partnership with the NGO “Надежда и будущее” of the project “Trust through education.” This was possible with the assistance of the “Support to Confidence Building Measures”, financed by the European Union, co-funded and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme, which aims to help promote trust between both banks of Nistru River.

The vision of our project was to promote trust between young people from the 2 sides of the River through education: professional, civic and cultural life.

In vocational education, the biggest achievement was equipping and operation of three workshops in the school from Speia village: the woodwork, sewing and decorative art workshops. In the workshops over 600 works were made. They hae also organized 11 master-classes on different themes for pupils and teachers. They were delivered by professors from the right bank of Nistru River, and the former beneficiaries, current volunteers and / or teachers from other workshops sponsored by PO Filocalia. In these instructive seminars, children made more than 250 works, including: decorative Christmas postcards cardboard colored ribbon bracelets, charms, decorative baskets for Easter, themed postcards painted on film, stained glass, pads pins, aprons and kitchen carved wooden works.

Civic education has been cultivated through the training “Volunteer by implication – help for change”, which took place on 21 December in Chisinau, attended by 33 young people from both sides (10 boys and 23 girls). The results of this training and interaction with local volunteers has resulted in the development of PO Filocalia’ exclusive Campaign “Help the bell to ring for every child” in Transnistria. Volunteers were able to mobilize the community and to collect 2,000 rubles, clothing and footwear and contributed to the schooling of 20 children from socially vulnerable families from the village.

As concerns cultural education with partners and children from Speia, we organized an event showing winter habits involving 28 girls and 15 boys from both banks. 45 children (25 girls and 20 boys) went to a theater in Chisinau and discussed the importance of the Traditional Martisor. Also, the 45 direct beneficiaries of the project went the 1st of May with 45 other kids from the right bank in a trip to Potter’s House in Hogineşti village, and to „Frumusica” Monastery from Calarasi.

Working with partners from the left bank on this project was a unique experience for everyone involved. Friendship and trust built during 2014 give us confidence that 2015 will be a year of many beautiful events together.