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Winter holidays have a moral value: to make people happier, but also to make them sensible about those in need. For already 4 years, PO „Filocalia”, having in mind the idea that during the winter holidays every human being has the right to be happy, has initiated this year’s charity Campaign „Be a Santa for someone”, hoping that many people in need would receive help. The Campaign has the purpose to help socially vulnerable people, but also to remind through the concept „Gift from gift” to the people about the existence of those who need their support. We managed to organize more activities than we initially planned: 321 children, 20 elderly and socially vulnerable families from 40 villages of our country: Sângera, Orhei, Străşeni, Costeşti village, Ialoveni; Calarasi, Drăguşeni village, Străşeni; Cotiujenii Mari village, Şoldăneşti; Coşniţa village, Dubasari;  Prison No. 10 from Goian.

The Campaign was launched the 25.11.2014 and from the first days we were receiving donations. This year our first ray of sun was a person who is near to us in every campaign we organize: Mr. Corneliu Calancea. We have planned to participate at 2 Christmas Fairs: one at International exhibition Center „MOLDEXPO” and the second one: at the national shop network”LINELLA”. We are extremely happy that this year a few Lyceums were supporting the Campaign, by donating cloths, toys, sweets, school supplies etc

From early December, some of the volunteers of  “Filocalia” went to Moldovan villages, dressed in fairy costumes and loaded with sweets, toys, and goods gathered from people of good faith. Other volunteers and children from the Social Centre „St. Filaret the Merciful”, from Costeşti village have made decorative works for sale at the annual Christmas Fair held in „Moldexpo” International exhibition center during December 19 to 28, and also a fair took place in the network of local shops “LINELLA”, between 20 and 30 December 2014. The total collected amount was 4787 lei.

Between November 25, 2014 and January 10, 2015, together with our devoted volunteers and the sponsors of our campaign, we managed to bring the Holiday spirit and sincere smiles to many beneficiaries. 60 children have participated to a special holiday show and to a marvelous theatre play – „The Sleeping beauty” in Chisinau. Another 100 beneficiaries (from the Social Center from Călăraşi, Social Center „House of hope” from Coşniţa, Dubăsari, and Resource Center from Costești village, Ialoveni) have received presents, sweets, toys, school supplies and danced and performed together with our volunteers in a fairy play organized with the occasion of winter holidays. Also 30 minors from the Penitentiary no. 10 from Goian region had the opportunity to make handmade cards for their parents and for the ones they love (and they also have received gifts).

And because there is nothing more special then elderly smiling, we also went with gifts, food and hygiene packages to 20 elderly from Cosnita village, Dubasari region and Costesti village, Ialoveni region. Also a few families with many children have received food and hygienic packages, and of course sweets and toys for children from Santa.

We thank outstanding partners for the collaboration and support: the national network of stores “LINELLA”; the International Exhibition Centre “Moldexpo”; the church “St. Nicolai” from Costeşti village, Ialoveni; also the Company “Debtcollection Incasso”; bakery “Oxmarpan” Ltd  also from Costeşti village; Company,, SC Calivana Inc LLC” for the donation of 200 fur hats for girls.

Many people have supported our campaign and we thank them from all our heart: Lidia Bivol, Galina Midoni, Cristina şi Bogdan Ciobanu. Also big thanks to Lyceum “Mihai Eminescu” from the capital, where pupils collected donations of toys, school supplies, clothes and sweets for 50 gifts; High School from Costeşti village who hosted us and made it possible selling works in a Christmas Fair; High School „Vasile Vasilache ” from Chişinău and High School „Olimp” frm Costeşti, Ialoveni, for the donation of food, toys and clothes. We are deeply grateful for the contribution and we are extremely pleased that students are ready to help other children: less fortunate than them. Our volunteers also helped with donations of clothes, toys, fruits, food etc.

We hope that such campaigns become a habit always present in our society and more and more people to get involved in helping those who believe in the magic of the winter holidays and the Nativity.