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On 29/01/2015, PO “Filocalia” team, with volunteers went to visit Special boarding school for deaf children from Harbovat village, Calarasi, attended by 77 children. As we arrived, we were greeted with joy by school administration, and by of all the children. With them we did master-classes, which proved to be extremely exciting. Children have made national dolls, souvenirs in the form of hearts and origami style traditional national Martisors – Spring symbols. Finally we made together a big common work that symbolizes love for our fellows. At the end of the activity, each group of children, guided by their class teacher, have received gifts with sweets.

And because we quickly miss these wonderful children, we have decided to pay them another visit, but this time, a ‘sweet’ one. And this time we made it special: over 70 children were divided into several groups and trained in several artistic master-classes by volunteers of PO “Filocalia”. Children were taught to make greeting cards and new forms of textbooks; also they made small angels made of paper and envelopes for the greeting cards. To crown this beautiful day and not deviate from tradition, we made all together sweet pancakes. We hope that we have left in the minds of children a lot of joy. It is always hard for us to say good bye to these angels, we always get a sad smile from them when leaving, but they know we would be back not matter what.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this great act of charity.