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13 March 2015 marked the end of a beautiful charity campaign organized by NGO “Filocalia” – “A mărţişor makes the spring” second edition, which was held from 10.02.2015 until 10.03.2015. The campaign aimed to provide moral and material support to elderly in difficult situations.

In this beautiful day we went to our last destination – Elderly Asylum from Micleuseni village, Străşeni region. There we were expected by 23 women with major health problems, but still having a smile on their faces, welcoming us with love. We gave each one a mărţişor – symbol of the spring, which brought them joy. We have prepared for them a table with Cabbage rolls, pastries and fruit, and in the end they all received a package with hygiene products and clothing. We bring big thanks for the tasty food prepared for free by Lidia Ciorba and Zinovia Luca.

In this campaign, with us were two basic local sponsors who helped us to conduct a unique charity spring fair: LINELLA – the national retail network and church ,, St. Nicolai” from Costeşti village, Ialoveni region. We thank them very much for the support. A great contribution in this campaign had the Diaspora Relations Office.

Also two stores from Costeşti village have hosted children’s works that were to be sold. Following sales with the help of volunteers and donations from people with big hearts, we managed to collect the amount of 4869 lei.

With the money raised from sales of hand-made greeting cards and martisoars we managed to bring a little sunshine for 53 elderly from 3 regions of the country: Micleuseni Asylum, some bedridden elderly from Cosnita village, Dubasari region, and old solitary people from Costeşti village, Ialoveni region. The elderly have received both food and hygiene packs and gifts for the new spring. They also received good, warm clothes donated by a friend of “Filocalia” – Marco Kull, a native of Switzerland.

Thanks again to all who were involved in this event, especially to the volunteers who joined us and offered help unconditionally as always. We are deeply grateful to all those who were with us and with which we managed to do everything we have planned in this campaign.