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To improve the social state of affected children, by creating conditions for them to prepare for independent life by acquiring skills, knowledge and work abilities.

Target group

1075 pupils and 20 teachers from the following Centers and schools:

  • Art Center for Children “St. Dumitru”, city of Chisinau (50 students);
  • Art Center for Children “St. Filaret the Merciful”, Costesti village, Ialoveni district (150 students);
  • Boarding School Nr. 5 for children with physical disabilities, Chisinau (85 students);
  • Theoretical Lyceum „Ion Luca Caragiale” Orhei region (423 students);
  • School of Zgurita village, Drochia district (250 students);
  • Gymnasium of Calaraseuca village, Ocnita district (115 students);
  • Community Center, Cosnita, Dubasari region (25 students);

Expected project results (Outcome/Output)

  • The professional level of teachers will considerably increase. This will have a direct impact on the children’s knowledge and the quality of their works;
  • Children’s works will be promoted and sold at different cultural events, but also consistently, through internet selling and through different economic agents and institutions;
  • Concrete steps will be taken for passing to self-financing of the centers and workshops;
  • New artistic and practical skills will be obteined, contributing to the creativity development
  • The authors of the higher quality works will have the chance to become winners of various republican and international contests and exhibitions;
  • Children will acquire practical skills necessary for building an independent leader model and will also be able to identify the professional activity field for their future;
  • Children with disabilities will be rehabilitated and included into the society by means of the project’s activities;
  • Children will gain communication and social abilities, and the self-confidence degree will increase.