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Direct beneficiaries:

The direct beneficiaries of the project are: 15 pupils from 5 to 9 grade who will be directly involved in the project and who have a direct interest in acquiring practical skills and knowledge in culinary field and maybe to get a profession for the future in the same field.

Vision statement and long-term goals

Gaining some practical skills and potential job opportunities for girls from rural area.

This project aims to offer better chances to 15 girls from socially vulnerable families from  rural area (Cosnita village), by offering them the possibility to obtain practical skills in a life important field – culinary. By this the girls will aquire knowledge for personal use , but also for an occupation that is always requested on the market.

Concrete, realistic, short-term objectives with measurable outcome:

1. To provide the necessary equipment and materials for the kitchen;

2. To organize and establish qualitative coaching classes on culinary

3. To offer to the 15 direct beneficiary girls a trustful environment for development.


Expected project results (Outcome/Output)


  1. 1. A kitchen will be established in the Lyceum « Ion Creanga » from Cosnita village.
  2. 2. 15 girls from socially vulnerable families will obtain theoretical and practical skills in culinary field.
  3. 3. 15 girls from socially vulnerable families will learn to overcome difficult situations from their families with the support of the teachers and other participants to the classes. 
  4. 4. 15 girls from socially vulnerable families will get the chance to have a good income, having a decent job in the future that will insure their financial independence.
  5. 5. The level of self-trust of the girls will increase. 

Opening a culinary workshop will give the girls the opportunity to learn cooking. These skills are usually obteined from the mother, but in the present conditions, the classes might replace it.

Also these courses would provide a future job opportunity for the girls, taking into account that this profession is much requested.

And also an important benefit is that the girls would work in a group, having the same background. They would have the occasion to communicate with their pairs, who understand them and are in similar conditions.