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At August 30 in the village of Costesti, Ialoveni region the bell rang in two places announcing the beginning of the new school year: at the church of “St. Nicolae” and in the village center within a beautiful celebration organized with the occasion of the annual “Our language” event. The local church has announced the fifth edition of the campaign for the collection of school supplies for children from disadvantaged families. From what people have donated we have managed to procure all the necessary school supplies for 10 children. Many thanks to the parishioners who were receptive.

At the event organized by the Mayoralty of Costesti 30 other beneficiaries were called and besides school supplies and sweets they were also involved in creative activities – master classes, face painting, handmade cards and a joint work: “The Tree of a new beginning”. Thanks to those gathered at the event for their financial contribution to the campaign “Help the bell ring for every child,” the fifth edition and thanks to those who could not be present but donated money and supplies: Mircea Marusic, familia Ghelburg, Centrul Homeopatic Hahnemann, director Ludmila Izverschi.