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Between August 1st and September 15, 2015, the PO „FILOCALIA” has organized a campaign for collecting school supplies called “Help the bell ring for every child”. This is one more step our organization took to prevent the school abandon and for educational and social integration of children. Within this year’s campaign we managed to help 208 children to go to school. The beneficiary of this campaign were families from Chişinău, but also: 26 Children from Sângera, 26 children from Grozești village, Nisporeni region, 45 children from Comrat region, 15 children from Chirsovo village, 25 – from Congaz region, 10 children from Coşniţa village, Dubăsari region, 55 from Costești village, Ialoveni region and a family with 6 children from Temeleuți village, Florești region.
We couldn’t imagine the success of this campaign without the implication of our great team of volunteers who were near „Filocalia” as usually with their unconditional support. 30 volunteers were participating at the campaign, collecting donations and organizing the distribution.

On the 19 of August, PO “Filocalia”, in cooperation with the Mayoralty from Comrat and local PO ”VESTA” have organized an event for children and parents in the central park from the locality. The event had the purpose to collect donations, money and school supplies for 85 socially vulnerable children from the TAU Găgăuzia. Volunteers of ”Filocalia” have organized face painting and interesting master classes together with the beneficiaries. At the end of the day each child received school supplies and sweets. We managed to bring the smile on the lips of 45 children that day. Even if it was a rainy day, the campaign at the local level was a total success.

At August 30 in the village of Costesti, Ialoveni region the bell rang in two places announcing the beginning of the new school year: at the church of “St. Nicolae” and in the village center within a beautiful celebration organized with the occasion of the annual “Our language” event. The local church has announced the fifth edition of the campaign for the collection of school supplies for children from disadvantaged families. From what people have donated we have managed to procure all the necessary school supplies for 10 children. Many thanks to the parishioners who were receptive.

At the event organized by the Mayoralty of Costesti 30 other beneficiaries were called and besides school supplies and sweets they were also involved in creative activities – master classes, face painting, handmade cards and a joint work: “The Tree of a new beginning”.

Between 15 of August – 15 of September 2015, PO „Filocalia” team together with the most active volunteers, filled with school supplies for children from vulnerable families had a few trips through our country Moldova. The first destination points were: Comrat and the close villages Chirsovo, Congaz, where we have offered 85 packages with sweets and school supplies to the children from the big families and poor families.

The second destination was Grozești village, Nisporeni region. Here, at the City Hall 26 children from the locality gathered receiving from us backpacks and school supplies for the educational year 2015–2016. Our volunteers were surprised with flowers from children’s gardens and a diploma from the LPA.

The trip to Temeleuți, Florești region was unforgettable. We have visited the family of Iustinea Munteanu – a single mother with 8 children. Together with the volunteers we have brought them food, clothes, toys and school supplies.

In the first day of the school year, PO ”Filocalia” was close to the socially vulnerable kids from Sangera locality. They have received food, clothes and school supplies.

The end of our campaign was marked by giving 25 backpacks to children from the Resource Center from Costesti village, Ialoveni region and 10 – for the children from Cosnita village, Dubasari region. This last donation was possible thanks to Father Victor Budeanu (originary from Costesti village) and the Orthodox Community from Monfalcone, Italia.

Everything we managed to do was thanks to some wonderful people who helped us, ans also thanks to PO „Filocalia” faithful partners who agreed to be part of this:

  • Church ”St. Nicolae”, Costești village, Ialoveni region, Priest Vasile Ciobanu
  • Calancea Corneliu
  • Orthodox Community from Monfalcone, Italia, Father Victor Budeanu
  • Homeopatic Center ”Hahnemann”, director Ludmila Izverschi
  • Mayoralty of  Costești village, Mme. Natalia Petrea
  • City Hall of Comrat
  • Mayoralty of Chirsovo
  • Mayoralty of Congaz
  • PO ”VESTA”
  • SRL ”GRIMION-AGRO COM”, Mr. Grigore Ursu
  • Cristina Ciobanu & Dumitru Gușilo
  • Bogdan Ciobanu & Alina Loboda
  • Erșov Corina
  • Mircea Marusic
  • Minzu Nadejda
  • Alexandru Pitei
  • Familia Ghelburg
  • Alexei & Elena Moraru
  • Lilea Mereacre


Public Association „FILOCALIA” thanks everyone for the kindness and for the implication in helping children in difficult situation. We hope that this beautiful tradition will be continued in the following years and the society has a big role in this process.