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At 29.02.2016 the volunteers of “Filocalia” visited the Penitentiary for minors from Goian and organized for them a master class with handmade “martisor” – symbols of spring. Also they created handmade cards for spring holidays. Boys were very interested in the activities; some of them made up to 6 “martisor” for the people they love who shall visit them in the first days of spring. At the end of the visit our ladies – volunteers have prepared homemade pancakes in order to remind them about home and to make their life a little sweeter. Our new volunteers were impressed by the implication of the boys in all the activities. The local tradition say that at the end of March all the “martisor” must be hung on a tree and each “martisor” can help the owner make a wish that shall come true. We really hope that boy’s wishes will come true someday.