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Hello I’m Shoko Sakuyama. I came from Japan and, I’m volunteering now in Moldova at ”Filocalia” organization.

Before I came here, I couldn’t image how is Moldova, because in Japan Moldova is not so famous, so I got only a few information from the internet. After I came here, my impression is that here is very good and it is a wonderful country. There are so many parks and it is green all around, (it must be even more beautiful in summer.) Historical buildings create a mysterious atmosphere; it’s like staying in a fairy tale. People are so kind and calm. So many people help me when I am lost, or I don’t know how to use something, or I don’t know where to find some places… so on. I’m not good at Romanian language, but everyone has a good heart and is helping me. This is a great thing, I think.

Also I saw many new things: trolleybus, maxitaxi, market under the sky, etc…

And I tried also various foods, they are so tasty. Of course food is very different from Japan, but I like it very much. My favorite is the “zama” J and your language is also a new thing! I hear Romanian for the first time. This sounds very interesting for me. I want to learn more!

Ah, also “Martisor” is a new thing for me. We don’t have a Spring ceremony like this. It’s very interesting, it’s fantastic! And I’m very glad to participate at charity campaigns with you. This is important for me, I am enjoying it a lot.

I will stay at Moldova until the end of March. I would like to spend more time with you!!  It was very nice to meet you!

Shoko Sakuyama