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At 18 of March PO Filocalia held a master class with children from boarding school for hearing impaired children in Harbovat. Children were eagerly waiting for us and were very happy to create agina something beautiful together with our active volunteers. We came up with congratulations for the arrival of Spring and made a common work symbolizing friendship between all of us. Later on, we all went out because the day was beautiful and the sun warmed us with its rays. We played some fun games together. Finally, children received sweets and wished us farewell and thanked us for stoping by.

Here is what one of our volunteers witnessed -  Doina Fleştor, who went for the first time to visit this place:

,, You can learn many things from children, for example how much patience you can have. ” Franklin P. Jones.

Why I started with this quote? because really I have better understood what patience is. Children were amazing, their eyes were filled with joy and hope, all were actively involved and willing to work. I see these children for the first time. At the beginning I was thinking how we will understand each other, they can’t hear. But I realized that the way they convey emotions is a matter of heart and soul, one can understand everything just by a glance.”