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Between 10 February and 15 March 2016, NGO Filocalia developed the charity campaign ,,Giving from the heart, we make the world a better place”, 1st edition. The purpose of this project was to offer moral and material support to people in difficulty and to help them feel the spirit of spring. The general sponsor of this campaign was the Insurance company ”Donaris – Vienna Insurance Group”.

The beneficiaries of the campaign were 230 children, 53 elderly and 25 families of socially vulnerable people from the following localities of the country:

  • Cosnita village, Dubăsari region;
  • Costesti village, Ialoveni region;
  • Harbovat village, Calarasi region;
  • Congaz village, Comrat
  • Soldanesti region;
  • Penintentiary no.10 from Goian;
  • Comrat region;
  • Chisinau.

During the campaign, NGO „Filocalia” held a charity Spring Fair at LINELLA network shops between February 25 to March 5 where handmade „martisor” – symbols of Spring in Moldova, made by the volunteers were sold. The money collected from the Fair was used for buying presents for the beneficiaries of our organization. Also, 210 martisors were ordered by our old friend – Incasso LTD for their clients. In this context, we express our profound gratitude to the up-mentioned companies for promoting at local level our campaign. We wish them great success in 2016, hoping for a beautiful future collaboration.

Between March 1 to March 20, with our devoted young volunteers and sponsors of the campaign, we managed to bring a smile for this beginning of this Spring and remove the sadness from the faces of many beneficiaries.

Thus, 150 children from:  the Resource centers “Lucik solnţa” from Kongaz region and “Fidanjik” from Comrat region; Child Placement Center ,, Regina Pacis ”; Boarding school for hearing impaired children from Harbovat region enjoyed the gifted sweets and participated in educational Master Classes. Our old friends – minors from the Penitentiary No. 10 from Goian were served with pancakes prepared by our girls-volunteers.

And because nothing is more beautiful for us than a sincere smile of an old person who enjoys our visit, the goods that we bring and warm and comforting words, we brought a lot of useful things to our 53 elderly beneficiaries from: Cosnita village, Dubasari region, Costesti village, Ialoveni Raion and Soldanesti Raion received. They have received essential goods and each of them got the little symbol of Spring – „martisor”. Also, families with many children received food packages and hygiene products.

Special thanks for their cooperation and support for the following legal entities: the national network of stores LINELLA; LTD “Incasso”; church “St. Nicholas” from Costesti, Ialoveni region and all individuals involved: Corina Ersov, Veronica Pascari, Iana Chirovici, Alina Marandici. Volunteers as always helped us a lot and we thank them for making this campaign a wonderful event.
We hope that such campaigns become a tradition in our society and more and more people get involved in helping those who believe in good hearted people.