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On 20 July the “Ship of friendship” started its journey with 47 “sailors” keen for beautiful adventures. The summer camp organized by NGO “Filocalia” for children from socially vulnerable families from both sides of the Nistru River started successfully. The camp was held with the help of 10 devoted volunteers. On the first day team building games and first good interactions between children made us believe in a great start.

Second day of the summer camp “ Friendship ship – in the world of beauty” was exciting and competitive. This day was devoted to the subject of recycling and children were informed how to live in a cleaner world. In addition to theoretical information, they were able to participate in a competition to collect waste, the winning group received sweet prizes and learned from Natalia Luca – voluntary of “Filocalia” how to use recycled bottles to create beautiful home  decorations.

The third day of the camp was full of smiles and positive emotions. The day was dedicated to the “beauty inside and outside us”. Children talked about manners, about the beauty outside and inside us, created a joint work on the topic “What is beautiful to me” being assigned to teams, they played games and they became more friendly. This day was crowned with a series of sketches about kindness and tolerance. Children, with the help of volunteers, showed great creativity. In the afternoon the swimming pool and the evening disco made the children to be excited and on the move.

The fourth day our camp was an absolutely special – “the theater day”. Children had three special guests who were impressed by what they have told and asked them. Elena Casapciuc was the first guest – a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, specialty “Master of acting and directing.” Second guest was the famous journalist, showman and playwright Constantin Cheianu, and the third – the controversial Terente Ronin, who impressed the children by the multitude of his activities and the comic scenes he improvised. This magic day ended with some ingenious performances of the children-beneficiaries. Volunteers help them prepare and present the little plays describing various countries of the world and their habits. It was definitely an unforgettable day for everyone in Filocalia’s camp.

When you dive into the world of art, everything around becomes more intense. That was the day dedicated to art in our camp of friendship. Lia Mura was the one who told us about motivation and about AISEC youth. But the great joy of all were the wonderful paintings with henna, which she applied on children’s hands. Interesting team building games followed in this sunny day. Then the painter Radu Dumbrava, a good friend and volunteer of “Filocalia” has achieved with the smallest kids of our camp a very colorful drawing: “The Ship of Friendship” on one of the walls of the camp. This artistic eventful day ended with an important contest, in which we elected MISTER CAMP 2016, Mister intelligence, Mr. Ceativity and even Mister smile. We enjoyed the enormous support of the teams for boys and looked forward to the next day to see who shall take the trophy “MISS CAMP 2016”.

On July 25 we went in an imaginary “travel around the world”. Those who had the opportunity to travel to other countries shared their impressions and our international volunteer, Clara Rojas, originally from Peru, told us amazing things about her country. Returned from the imaginary journey, we all participated in an exciting game – “Searching for the treasure”. The winning team got the sweet surprises. Evening came and it was the time to find out who was chosen for the title of “Miss camp 2016”.

Last day of our camp … Emotions, tears of joy and tears of sadness mixed with smiles and great music. This day was dedicated to music. In the morning we decided to take a walk to Nistru River with a picnic, games and fun. After lunch we worked to prepare the territory for the farewell bonfire and we arranged the improvised stage for the long awaited concert of talents. The children danced, sang, recited poems and painted. The most unexpected moment for everyone was breaking “the ship of friendship”, which was found to be filled with sweets and gifts of all kinds for the beneficiaries of the camp. We had a special guest that day – Ilia Sorocean, an old volunteer of our organization, which currently has a music band. He sang famous hits and children sang along with him being inspired by his energy on stage. The songs have not missed also in the evening when we all gathered around a huge bonfire, dancing around.

Farewell evening… all seven days of the camp will remain in our memories for a long time. It was a week full of exciting activities, special guests and friendship between children of the two banks of the old Nistru River.