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“Without friendship dialogue between people has no value” (Socrates).

The project “Step Forward” – a summer camp for peace and friendship for young people from both banks of Nistru River, from Gagauzia and Roma communities from the Republic of Moldova has the purpose to develop tolerance, social and communication skills, through interactive, educational activities involving other peers, learning about various cultures which in turn will help them learn about themselves, discover their potential and have a positive contribution in their respective communities.

The period of the project: July 01, 2016 – September 30, 2016

Beneficiars of the project:

  1. 1. 40 children, out of which 20 girls and 20 boys, between the ages of 9 and 17 from the creative social centers from the rural and urban areas: 15 childrenSocial Center „The Merciful St. Filaret”, Costesti village, county of Ialoveni; 5 children School, Speia village, Grigoriopol county (Transnistria); 5 children  „Epitrof” Placement Center, Calarasi town; 5 children - Rehabilitation center for children with disabilities Fidangik, Comrat town (Gagauzia), 10 children – Rehabilitation center for children with disabilities Lucik solntza, Congaz village (Gagauzia).
  2. 2. 7 teachers, out of which 2 trainers responsible for organization of the lessons and workshops and 5 educators, responsible for children supervision, from the social centers mentioned above;
  3. 3 volunteers.

One of the goals of the project is to increase awareness among children and teenagers against violence and discrimination between minorities, and to find new ways and methods for prevention activities.

-   To create an environment that will help children discover their own capacities, creativity, thus developing the skills in more profound interpersonal relationships and special attention toward weaker colleagues;

-   To promote the positive image of a healthy and united community, the values and ties between people;

-   development of tolerance, improvement of understanding of young people of themselves and others, learning of own abilities and potential, responsibilities, development of good working and time management habits

-   Development of social skills, creative, communication and cognitive abilities, self-confidence and strong personality, capabilities of self-expression and affirmation of the unprivileged children and young people in order to achieve personal wellbeing and social problems solving skills and integrate into society

-   Contribution to the social and cultural progress, by finding and developing the talent and creativity of young talented and promising people

-   Catechesis of children, through application of Orthodox culture and values.

The impact of activities:

v Good friendship and collaboration relations were created between children from both banks of Nistru River.

v Through joint activities of the young participants common moral values of our nation were promoted.

v Beneficiaries learned communication skills, social interactions and self-representation abilities.

v Within the summer camp the accent was put on developing and encouraging the creativity, praising the talents and promoting love for beauty among the participants.

v Young people were offered alternative ways of spending quality leisure time, they were also trained for some life skills useful for their family and social life in the future.

v All the participants were offered equal opportunities for the activities within the projects developed during the summer camp.

v Building self-confidence and raising awareness about many issues were part of the camp; but also building mutual trust and trust towards others, towards the world in general.

v Creation of a temporary community with positive, friendly atmosphere and development of new relationships.

v Broadening horizons and promoting open-mindset; leadership skills

v The feeling of belonging to communities, other culture were developed, improvement of mutual understanding, tolerance, and emotional intelligence.

v Participants of the project understood the common values, national traditions, customs and culture of people from different regions of Moldova – as a common national identity.

v Thanks to joint activities happening every day, the false feelings of separation between people from different regions of the country were erased. Unity, mutual trust and understanding were the result of everyday activities.

v The summer camp experience helped the beneficiaries in their personal and professional development, so they can benefit in the future for reaching their life goals.