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Between 20 February and 31 March 2017, P.O. „FILOCALIA” has organized a Campaign for collecting material aid like food products, hygiene products, other donatins… for solitary elderly and people with disabilities from a few localities of the country. The name chosen for the campaign is ”YOUR HELP WIPES A TEAR”.

The main purpose of the campaign is to offer moral and material support for elderly in difficult situations and also to people with disabilities who are isolated.
Within this campaign we planned to help at least 150 people, our beneficiaries from the following villages: Costești, Ialoveni, Coşniţa, Dubăsari, Cotiujenii Mari, Şoldăneşti, Sălcuța, Căușeni, and from the Republican Asylum for disabeled pensioned people from Căușeni.
It is very important YOU to be part of this project. We all have grandparents, some of them are far. There are always elderly who need their grandchildren, need us.
Each of US can wipe a tear (books, cloths, food, etc) or money. Collecting location:  Sfatul Țării 27 Street, office 12, Chişinău or St. Nicolae church, Costești village, Ialoveni region (during the weekends).
For more details: tel. 022 23 42 74, Mob. +37369255542; +37360193662