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10 years have passed since the first day of the Center and lice 10 years ago – today – an autumn day with golden leaves brought us together in the yard of the Social Center near the church, to celebrate the big event. Memories …the first teachers, the first successes, the first pupils and the first volunteers… And today we enjoy an exhibition of works of our talented children and we witness a great concert of  ”Anastasios” choir, led by the wife of the priest – Mme. Veronica Grigoriță. We were happy to see at our event the mayor of the locality, Mme. Natalia Petrea, also of those who contributed to our social projects, also we enjoyed the presence of the folk ensemble ”Haiducii” and a group of guests from Netherlands.

We thank those people from the village who have contributed to our celebration: couple Gheorghe and Elena Diaconu, Mme. Veronica Bivol; Mr. Ion Mereacre, who brought many flower decorations for the event; Mme. Parascovia Bivol and the Christians from “St. Nicolae” church.
The volunteers of the center, together with Mariana Bortă involved with a lot of dedication to the preparation and development of the celebration, gaining again the mane of the “Golden youth” of our times.