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The project is planned for the period: 01.10. 2017 – 31.07.2017

The main goal of the project:

To improve the lives of people in need, and offer them hope for a better future.

The target group of the project is 80 children from disadvantaged families from Costesti, and 15 potential volunteers – direct beneficiaries as follows:

  • 24 children aged between 9-17 years  - participants of the workshop, boys and girls
  • 65 children aged between 9-16 years from disadvantaged families, who are coming already to the Social center ”St. Filaret the Merciful”;

15 potential volunteers who will actively participate in the implementation of the project

Aims of the Project

Non-material, long-term, spiritual aims:

  • Creation of a friendly and safe environment where children and young people attending Social Center  of Costesti, Ialoveni can productively spend their free time, socialize,  develop and have a chance for a better future
  • Development of life abilities, education, professional orientation, social inclusion and social implication
  • Acquiring of cooking and presentation skills of basic dishes
  • Development of creative skills
  • Development of social and communication skills
  • Development of artistic skills
  • Development of learning of and appreciation for nature.