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Between November 20, 2017 and January 30, 2018, PO Filocalia conducted its 7th charity campaign “Be a Santa for someone”. The aim of this event was to help as many socially vulnerable people as possible by developing the concept “Gift from gift”, and to remind those who do not lack things that there are people who need their support. It is not complicated to do good and it is not necessary to be millionaires to help others, it is important to want this and to be emphatic and sensitive to other’s problems. All the donors of our campaign have shown that the problem of poverty is something they are aware of and they want to involve and be part of our project. With their help, we were able to do more than we have initially planned. Thus, the beneficiaries of the Campaign were 550 children, 85 needy families, 70 elderly from the following localities: Costeşti, Ialoveni; Coşniţa, Dubăsari; Congaz, Comrat; Hârbovăţ, Călăraşi; Zgurita, Drochia; Drăguşeni, Străşeni; Cotiujenii Mari, Soldanesti; Salcuta, Causeni; Chiperceni, Orhei.

Besides the fact that these beneficiaries received packages with food, hygiene products, clothes, shoes, toys, sweets and fruits, 80 children from the Center “Sf. The Filaret the Merciful ” from Costesti village, children from the boarding school from Hârbovăt and from the Resource Center in the village of Coşniţa have participated in a show at the „Licurici” Doll Theater and „Luceafărul” Theater in Chisinau.

Also, between 09 December – 15 January 2018, in the big hall of the „Licurici” Doll Theater, we have organized a big exhibition “Talents over centuries”, where were exhibited the best works of the beneficiaries from the Creation Center for Children and Youth „St. Filaret the Merciful “. This exhibition as also a way to celebrate 10 years of activity of the Center from Costesti village..

„Filocalia’s call for action has reacted not only the grownups, who are well aware of the problems of life, but also children –  the young generation of Filocalia’s volunteers.

We could not have done this without the help of a great people who deserve all our respect and admiration. Thus, we cordially thank first of all the GENERAL SPONSOR of our winter campaign -  Vienna Insurance Group from Austria, “Creed Bureau” Ltd, the Church of „St. Nicolae” from Costesti, Ialoveni, Elena Maxim, Tatiana Lupacescu, Corina Sansonnene, Semira Tauzi, Marcia Daenzer and Diaspora from Elena, Gheorghe and Elena Diaconu, Tatiana and Natalia Zaporozhe, Cristina Cobilaz, Corina Ersov, Cristina Ciobanu, Bogdan Ciobanu and Alina Loboda and Moldovan Diaspora from Belgium, Igor and Elena Popov, Alexei and Mihaela Ursachi, Elena Munteanu, Dmitrii and Iulia Teterea, Galina Midoni, Ecaterina and Lidia Bivol for financial donations, clothes, shoes, toys and sweets. The smiles on the lips of the needy children, the joy in their eyes, the words of gratitude – have proved that the campaign „Be a Santa for someone” made a difference! We can’t help all the underprivileged people from our country, but the campaigns organized by PO “Filocalia” are a good example of the fact that more and more people of good faith are willing to involve every year, and that convinces us that we are a nation of people with big harts …