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Because Filocalia has many active volunteers, we managed to go to two destinations in one day! Thus, on 14 December we have spent a day full of activities with children from the boarding school in Carpineni village.

We played, drew, cut, created, dreamed together, and explained to children what is volunteering. Along with all, the children made greetings that the next day they offered to the solitary elderly from the same locality. They also accompanied us to the families with many children with gifts, fruits, sweets, and food products. We thank the director of the boarding school – Mr. Tudor Ţenu, who provided us with the transport and we also thank the Mayor of Carpineni, Mr. Ion Carpineanu, who appointed us social assistants, who showed us who lives where. Everything is done with people and for people. We managed to bring the joy of holidays to 10 socially vulnerable families and to 10 solitary elders (who received besides gifts also money). THANK YOU from the heart to those involved: our amazing volunteers: Elena Borta, Maria Gorea, Vadim Borta, Margarita Ursu, Alexei Luca. This activity would not have been complete without the fruits and money donated by many more people: Diana Gordila, Stefan Petrea, Andrei Rudoi, Sergiu Ene, Alexei Ursachi, Elena Munteanu, Elena Borta, Natalia and Tatiana Zaporojet, Elena Maxim, Marin Bucataru, Cristina and Bogdan Ciobanu, the diaspora from Belgium and the diaspora from Switzerland!