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Through cold, rain and snow, on Dec. 13, Filocalia team visited 27 children from 12 socially vulnerable families from Cosnita village, Dubasari district. Packages with food and hygiene products, clothes and toys, fruits and sweets have been gathered from the donations of many great people, who wanted to be part of our charity campaign. We are very grateful to Corneliu Calancea, Vasile Tarata, Valcov family, students from the Plastic Arts College “Al.Plamadeală” for their contribution. We thank the volunteers Borta Elena and Ermicioi Alexandru for the roles of Santa Claus and Snow White, assumed with great dedication and passion.

Santa Claus of Filocalia is not afraid of frost, nor of bluff and bad roads, which is why he continued to bring joy to needy people from the villages of Moldova. Thus, on December 15, early morning, he headed to Cotiujenii Mari village, Soldanesti, where 10 lonely elderly people and 40 children from 10 socially vulnerable families received packs of food, sweet gifts, toys, fruits and clothes , gathered from those who have wished also this time to get involved. We were welcomed with smiles, carols, songs and poems that proclaim the Birth of the Lord, convincing us that little children are always waiting for us for many years on winter holidays.

We would like to thank all those involved in this activity: Alexei Ursachi, Corneliu Calancea, the diaspora in Belgium, who never forget the ones left behind!