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On December 26, AO Filocalia managed to visit the minors at ”Goian” Penitentiary. The boys have received boxes of chocolates, exotic fruits and stockings.We went not only to bring gifts, but also to do some activities with them: they listened about the emotional intelligence and self-confidence presented by the trainer Margarita Ursu. Then they made handmade Christmas cards that they will send home and listened to a small concert offered by the volunteer of Filocalia Ilia Sorocean, who communicated with the boys through his plays and at their request left the words of a song which touched them more. We received thanks from the minors, they asked us to come back and we want to also bring thanks to Mrs Liuba Mosu for her cooperation. We also thank volunteers Margarita Ursu, Cristina Borjac and Ilia Sorocean for their active involvement in this activity.