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This year we had a snowy winter. Sometimes it has been difficult to get to the places where we have planned, but “Filocalia” has a 10-year experience and it does not give up, but is always motivated to face the challenges.

Like every year, we had a lot of beautiful people with a big heart, who have decided that PO Filocalia deserves a vote of confidence. These people got involved with us in the winter campaign and together we were able to bring joy to the homes of those who are in need. The New Year and Christmas are holidays of the open heart and of hope. Guided by this thought, Filocalia team together with its volunteers managed in the period November 23, 2018 – January 10, 2019, to exceed the initial number of planned beneficiaries. Thus, gifts, sweets, clothes, hygienic and food products, etc. were brought to 460 children, 59 families and 35 elderly people from 9 localities of the Republic of Moldova. We also enjoyed the “One Christmas for Everyone” activity, which provided the possibility of participation of children from several socially vulnerable families to performances and winter shows organized in theatres from Chisinau with the occasion of the winter holidays.

In addition to some anonymous sponsors, we would like to mention with gratitude and enthusiasm the involvement of the following people in this edition of the winter campaign: our fellow citizens from the diaspora – from St. Nicholas church in the city of Cascais, Portugal. Great thanks to Father Petru Pruteanu. Diaspora of Italy, Father Vasile Corja. Also warm thanks to Mrs. Elena Maxim, as well as to our Swiss friends: Jessica, Veronique, Françoise, Semira, Anna.

We are deeply grateful to Bălăţel family from Draguseni, who always offer us assistance on the spot. We had the trust of those who donated gifts, fruits but also money to buy fruits for children from Carpineni Boarding School: thanks, Diana Gordila, Stefan Petrea, Andrei Rudoi, Sergiu Ene, Alexei Ursachi, Elena Munteanu, Elena Borta, Natalia and Tatiana Zaporojet, Corneliu Calancea, Vasile Trăţă, Valcov family, students from the “Al.Plamadeală” College of Fine Arts from Chisinau. We have mentioned the diaspora from Portugal and Italy, and here we have to remember also the diaspora from Belgium and Switzerland, especially big thanks to Cristina and Bogdan Ciobanu.

During the campaign a special role was played by the young teachers from the “St. Filaret the Merciful ” social center from Costesti village, who together with children made creative works for the charity fairs attended by PO Filocalia. Dear teachers, Alina Marandici, Alexei Luca and Victoria Balaţel, continue to inspire as many children as possible to awaken their talent.

In addition to the volunteers team of Filocalia, two more young activists joined us in this campaign. They wanted to share with us the joy of giving their personal time to make a change. Thank you Cristina Pascari and Margarita Ursu and welcome to the team!