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Time passes quickly, we have recently admired new year’s fireworks and now we are already in February and we are looking forward for  the spring.

We decided to go with a group of young active and creative volunteers from the Republican College of Fine Arts “Al. Plămădeală” to visit children from the Special School for Children with hearing disabilities from Hârbovăț village. We went to them because they are very dear to us, and because we wanted them to be the first ones to do spring handcrafts with us. It was beautiful, because they are beautiful in the heart, it was colorful because we had with us a wonderful team studying arts and it was sweet, because we brought them as gifts boxes with chocolates. A misty day, but with sun in our hearts. We thank the children for their active involvement and curiosity for both – individual activities and the team work – „The Tree of Rebirth”. And we thank the volunteers: Catalina, another Catalina and Sebastian. You are welcome in the volunteers’ gang!