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On February 23, the winter decided that it would like to stay some more time on the land of Moldova. In the morning, a layer of snow covered the hills, villages and towns of the country.

But because PO Filocalia promised the elderies of Şoldăneşti Asylum that we would come with gifts and master classes specifically today, we wanted to keep our word.

Twenty-five humble souls have welcomed us. Filocalia team (Corina, Cristina and Sebastian) came this time with a master class of „Martisors” – symbols of Spring. We have also brought sweet gifts, fruits, hygiene items and spring clothes for our „young elderly”. Why young? Because these elders, some of them in a wheelchair, have such young souls … We joked, received advices, crafted, and told them about other activities of our NGO.
Every time we say goodbye to these people, we see that they do not expect too much, they are eager to talk, to tell, to relive past experiences. We encourage everyone who feels fit and wants to give some of their time to others to visit these elderly people. They do not wait for gifts, they are waiting for some warm souls to share the history of their life from the time of the world war until today…