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On March 2, AO Filocalia decided to go to the children from the boarding school in Carpineni village for an interesting activity. The children, together with the volunteers, would make MARTISORS,

and then go with us to the solitary elders from the same village to gift them the Martisors and bring them a pack of fresh food.  In the bus offered by the Institution a box of bananas was consumed in a glimpse. But children have a great soul and have left two bananas for each elderly. The surprise of the day was to receive gifts from the solitary elderly on the occasion of the Christian holiday „The Saturday of dead”. Our elderly beneficiaries shared with us from little that they had at home: candies, biscuits, warm pies, homemade bread and apples.

It was a day with a lot of warmth – outside, but also inside – in our souls. We want to thank for her involvement our new friend: an international volunteer from the Czech Republic – Klara Svobodova, who made with the children Martisors – symbols of spring and who was very generously distributing smiles to everyone.