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On May 19, PO Filocalia in partnership with the church “St. Nicolas” from Costesti village, Ialoveni prepared donations for 6 solitary elderly and 4 families with many children from the locality. Experienced volunteers and newcomers went home to the beneficiaries of Filocalia. This visit was also an educational one: the veteran volunteers of Filocalia showed by their own example that when you cross the threshold of needy families or lonely elders, it is not enough just to give them the gifts. Sometimes it is more important to have a moral presence with these people who encounter difficulties in life, with a good word, a moment of open-hearted listening. This activity was planned on the occasion of Costesti village holiday. We thank the volunteers who decided on Sunday to dedicate their time to the welfare of others: Vadim Bortă, Mariana Bortă, Gabriel Ceapă, Diana Ursu and Ina Marandici. On 22 May there is celebrated the Day of the Village of Costești. The children from the “Sf. The Filaret the Merciful organised an exhibition with works made by them. The have been deeply impressed by the talent of the Center’s beneficiaries. An equally interesting moment was the a master class, which welcomed everyone. The most wonderful thing is that the sanctuary and the yard of the church were full of children.