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In November 2019, PA ”Filocalia” have launched a new ambitious project, this time with an accent on non-formal education. The project Inclusive non-formal education – key for a better life and opportunities for children in risk situations from the rural areas of the Republic of Moldova” is a pilot project that, depending on its success, will be replicated in other localities from Moldova. The main purpose of the project comes from its name and the objectives are multiple:

-        To involve young people in artistic and cultural activities (visiting museums, theatres; some local successful businesses);

-       To equip Filocalia’s Social center’s workshops with materials needed for their good functioning;

-       To organize awareness campaigns and to offer material help to marginalized people;

-       To complete the national Curriculum for pupils of 7 and 8 grades with useful practical subjects for the young generation. The subjects will be taught in a few schools from different parts of the country within the lesson „Personal development”, by professional trainers.

The subjects:

-       Family – the basis of a society

-       Importance of spirituality in a modern world

-       Professional orientation through identification of talents, hobbies and strong skills (through personalized surveys)

-       Environmental education for a sustainable life in the context of critical climate change

-        Health education (wrong versus proper nutrition, alcoholism and drugs – major dangers for the growing generation)

-       Personal values, non-values in the modern world

-        The challenges of the consumerism century

-       My community, involvement and civic activism.

-       The challenges and dangers of the digital age for teenagers

-       Emotional intelligence and effective communication

-       Depression, anxiety, fear and how to overcome them – lesson of applied psychology.

The general sponsor of the Project is ”Kerkie in Actie” from Nederland, a previous trustful partner, who also visited us in Moldova.

The target-group of the project is around 150 teenagers from Costești village, Ialoveni region, and Rădeni, Drăguşeni, Greblești and Zamciogi villages from Strășeni region, and also kids from social center „Agapis” from Chișinău.

At the 9 and 10 November we already initiated some activities for youth. 24 children and youngsters from Costești, Ialoveni, and 20 adolescents from Drăgușeni, Strășeni, went to Art Museum from Chisinau to see the exhibitions and also the temporary exhibits. For one hour everyone listened to the professional guide and then we all went to celebrate at an open air exhibition the Science Day. Children got involved into many master-classes there and took photos with robots and listened to interactive lessons on the subject. Both days ended with a nice meal where everyone had the opportunity to share pizza and thoughts about the earlier events.