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This year we are at the 9th edition of the campaign „Be a Santa or someone!”, launched on November 20, 2019 and lasting until January 7, 2020. The campaign aims to support people with special material or social needs through the participation of children in charity activities, through individual involvement and the promotion of volunteering as a form of civic activism.

On December 7, the “Gift from gift” action was carried out, in which a child could bring gifts, toys, sweets, fruits to a child with fewer opportunities, promoting the slogan: “You are their Christmas”.

34 children from socially vulnerable families from the village of Drăgușeni, r. Strășeni, received gifts, footwear, hygiene and food products, toys, etc., which were collected during the previous week by 34 children from the 6th grade from Mihai Eminescu Theoretical High School from Chisinau.

The purpose of this action was to provide material help to the needy families, but also to help children enjoy the spirit of the winter holidays. Another aim of this event was to raise the awareness of the children from Chisinau about the difficulties that their peers from the rural areas of the country face.

It was a day of ambivalent emotions: some enjoyed gifts and support, others – the possibility of giving help and feeling useful. It was a suny day full of sincere smiles.

Some children, together with their parents and the class tacher, accompanied by Santa, handed over the presents and included in the book of life a new and beautiful experience.

We thank the teacher, Silvia Turcan for her oppeness and the parents for their involvement. We also come with thanks and gratitude to Bogdan Ciobanu, who was our sponsor, donating money and thus helping us to procure food products for the marginalized families.

Only together can we provide consistent help and become valuable to our peers with fewer opportunities.