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Project’s goal: creating conditions for education and training, social and professional adaptation and social integration.

The school is situated in Chisinau, on Lomonosov Street. In this institution there are children from socially vulnerable families, as well as children aged 8 -18 years old that have no parents. The school hosts currently 105 children, out of which the majority are present in the working days.

The general objective of the school is to offer education through work, training of the students and graduates with diverse development of anomalies that interfere with their social and professional inclusion.

Beneficiaries: 105 pupils from the auxiliary school Nr. 5 from Chisinau.

Achievement methods:

•   Equipment and material provision of the tailoring workshops for girls and woodwork for boys;

•   Training and development for manufacturing skills of wooden objects, fabric, natural materials etc.;

•   Cultural activities: theatres, museum, tours, holidays, themed holidays;

•   Presentation of the children’s works at various exhibitions;

•   Pupils have participated within the exhibition “Spring from the children’s souls” that took place inside the Shopping MallDova, on the 25th of March 2010.


•   Improvement of the communication process among children and between children and adults;

•   Children’s socialization by their participation to a series of cultural events in the city, tours, exhibitions dedicated to the city’s day;

•   Children received winter holiday’s gifts, beneficiated from the psychological, social and medical care, action that led to the school frequency and results;

•   Children’s results in the school have improved, as well as their speech and their work abilities. They have learned how to use the sewing machine.


Local coordinator: Lidia Prutianu