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About Us

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AO Filocalia is an non-governmental organization, nonprofit, non-political, with Christian and social character, registered at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova on 22 September 2006, number 3692.

Our mission is to provide social and material support to unprivileged people, particularly children and elderly, in Moldova. With an activity of more than 8 years, together with our recognized local and international partners and more than 50 volunteers members, AO Filocalia has accumulated rich experience and achieved great results having successfully implemented a high number of social programs and projects across Moldova. The Association received various national awards for its contribution towards community development. AO Filocalia activity includes social assistance, volunteering, educational programs, charity campaigns, community development, establishing social and art centers.




► To improve the general standards of living of socially vulnerable layers of population and offer hope for a better future;

► To improve general educational process of younger generations;

► To teach children and young people whose families have difficulties ensuring adequate care and education valuable practical and time management skills ;

► To develop specific programs for special talented young people and help them take control of their lives;

► To provide vocational trainings and higher qualifying courses and create new jobs for promising young people;

► To cultivate love and appreciation for work in general, art and for national cultural heritage;

► To build a bridge between younger and older generations that would ensure the preservation of ethical values, art crafts and cultural traditions;

► To assist local family/small businesses by means of grants and credits in exchange for their future contribution to the community;

► Creating and maintaining support networks for people or social groups in difficult situations;

► Preventing, diminishing human trafficking phenomenon, as well as rehabilitation of human victims;

► Informing public opinion regarding social problems, with the purpose of it’s education by means of conferences, seminars, round tables, discussions, etc; publishing and distributing printed materials (journals, brochures), audio-video materials, electronic materials; organizing public campaigns regarding community’s implication in resolving social problems;

► To prevent migration of local population;

► To prevent the split of the family;

► To prevent the abandonment of the child;

► To prevent school abandonment;

► Education of the rearing generation in the civic spirit. Development of the civic educational programs.


Target groups


●  People without minimal living conditions (shelter, food, hygiene, medical assistance, family affection);

●   People with physical, mental and/or social disabilities;

●   People who are abandoned or are at risk of abandonment (school, familial, social);

●   People who are abused (physical, mental) in or out of families;

●   Residents of vindication or detention institutions;

●   People affected by natural calamities;

●   People affected by drugs, prostitution, alcoholism, vagabondage;

●   Poor and vulnerable children and young people;

●   Wandering children and post institutionalized youth;

●   Orphans;

●   Families with many children;

●   Children and young people with one or both parents working abroad;

●   Local small businesses/family businesses;

●   Elderly, abandoned/lonely people;

●   Population of local communities;

●   Parents of children and young people;

●   Local Churches;

●   Local Schools;

●   Local Economic Agents;

●   Local Administration;

●   The entire population of Moldova.


Our Locations


“Filocalia” mainly activates in Moldova, in districts located within a radius of approximately 200km around the capital city Chisinau:

1. Orhei District;

2. Drochia District;

3. Ocnita District;

4. Calarasi District;

5. Ialoveni District;

6. Edinet District;

7. Soroca District.



The Republic of Moldova is a former Soviet republic situated between Romania and the Ukraine. Compared to other post-communist countries in transition, its people have suffered considerably more poverty than other Eastern European countries.

Due to political instability, territorial separation, and corruption, the economic situation has become stagnant. Moldova is the poorest European country. According to human development index it is on the 113th place. 12% of the population lives beyond the poverty line, 2.4 million people live beyond the absolute poverty line.

The rural population is especially poor. Approximately 70.4% of the poor population lives in rural areas. The rural population’s income comes mostly from housekeeping and growing agricultural produce (71.5%). The cash income constitutes 28.5%. The average monthly pension is 15-30 euros. The country’s economic situation and unemployment have determined the most part of the population, especially the young, to begin, in the middle of the 90’s, leaving the country, finding temporary or permanent jobs abroad.

According to the IOM, about 1 million Moldavians are presently abroad. For this reason, most often the rural population consists of children and elderly people. Most of these children are poorly educated and do not learn any professional or practical/life skills.

As mentioned above, there are no cultural/educational institutions besides the school in the village. The children and youth do not have where to spend their free time, outside the school curriculum. There are no opportunities for them to socialize, personally develop and learn new practical and professional skills.


International & Local Partners


“Filocalia” has established strong, long lasting partnerships with international and local NGOs, state institutions and private organizations:

>҉   Schmitz-Hille-Stiftung Swiss Foundation

>҉   Kindermissionswerk die sternsinger

>҉   “Moldavian Christian Aidorganization”

>҉   DMG „Deutsch Moldauische Gesellschaft e.V.”

>҉   International Organization for Migration

>҉   MRC “Caritas”

>҉   Public Association “Compasiune”

>҉   NGO “Salvati Batranii”

>҉   Ministry of Education of Republic of Moldova

>҉   Education Department Botanica district in Chisinau

>҉   City Halls – Chisinau, Calarasi, Drochia, Ocnita, Orhei, Edinet

>҉   Village Halls – Zgurita, Calarasauca, Costesti

>҉   Social Security and Assistance Directorates – Ialoveni, Calarasi, Chisinau, Calarasauca, Oscnita, Drochia

>҉   Local Schools Directorates – “Olymp Lyceum”, “Prometeu Lyceum” and “Lyceum Nr. 1” in Costesti Village, Gymnasium in Zguritsa, Gymnasium in Calarasauca, “School Nr. 6” in Chisinau, Art School “Igor Vieru” in Chisinau, “Ion Luca Caragiale Lyceum” in Orhei

>҉   Local Boarding Schools Directorates – “Boarding School Nr.5 for Children with Disabilities” in Chisinau, “Boarding School for Children with Disabilities” in Calarasi

>҉   Local churches – “St. Nicolae” Costesti, “St. Dumitru” Chisinau

>҉   Nursing homes for elderly – Calarasauca, Calarasi, Chisinau

>҉   Shopping Center “Malldova”, Chisinau

>҉   Organization “Art-Suvenir”

>҉   Nationall Craftsmen Association “Mester Faur”

>҉  National line of shops LINELLA


>҉  Resort station “DACIA”

>҉  Homeopathic Centre “HAHNEMANN”

>҉  ”Zolusca Iacob” SRL